Edwina Sandys

A Natural Talent


Edwina Sandys was born in London in 1938. She is the Child of Duncan Sandys and Diana Churchill and the granddaughter of Clementine and Winston Churchill. Following family tradition, she was Christened in the crypt of the House of Commons.

She is an artist–painter and a sculptor. From the sacred to the secular, to the most essential questions about politics and society, she has tackled big ideas with panache, combining the lighthearted and the profound. Her clearly recognizable style uses positive and negative images to powerful effect.


Edwina Sandys with Breakthrough – at the Berlin Wall

“Sandys has a natural talent for line. Her line can  sing through space or summon up a concrete form, being at once muscular and effortlessly fluid It is also a witty line.

Wit is rarely attempted in art and even more rarely achieved.”

Anthony Haden-Guest

“In Edwina’s painting there is nothing which could conceivably be described as an inanimate object. Within them all there seems to be some sprite or imp
trying to escape. Of one thing I am certain-Edwina’s studies, most emphatically, are not ‘still lives’, not ‘nature morte.”

Sir Peregrine Worsthorne

“I feel Edwina has more ideas coming out of her in any given period than many artists have in a whole long life.

She’s not afraid of using up her ideas.”

Ashton Hawkjns

“Edwina Sandys might be placed in the company of some of Britain’s best artists whose talent for graphic line and literary allusion has created a significant

William Blake, Aubrey Beardsley, and David Hockney readily come to mind.”

Ronald Kuchta, Former Director Everson Museum of Art