Edwina Sandys Donating Artwork for Shepherding International Fundraiser

Jul 11, 2022 | News & Press Releases

Edwina Sandys, granddaughter of Winston Churchill, is an accomplished artist and sculptor. Edwina is donating a precious work of art for the cause of Shepherding International. One of her paintings will be featured at an upcoming fundraiser for Shepherding International, and it could be yours!

A silent auction for Edwina’s painting will be part of the fundraiser events. If the bid you write is the highest of all those submitted, it’s a win-win bonanza! You get Edwina’s wonderful work of art and Shepherding International’s vision begins to materialize before our eyes!

Shepherding International gains headway to finance the remodeling of the old gym and community center in Ridgway’s Log Hill subdivision, repurposing the structure into a comfortable living space and an educational center for college-age Ukrainian refugees.

There they can begin to rebuild their lives and learn new skills, so one day they can be launched into the world, equipped with every potential to have productive careers, and live fulfilling lives.

For more information about this project, you can contact Wendy Fenner, the CEO of Good Shepherd Ranch, LLC. Wendy can be reached at wzfenner@zgeoenergy.com or by calling her at (970) 729-1003.